I have not written in a long time, which I blame partly on me finishing my thesis, and being generally busy. I could blame it on studying, but let’s face it, I don’t really study – I just read.

As of right now, I am done with all academic related activities at UC Davis. Production at the paper is over, finals are over. And it hasn’t really hit me yet, but I keep getting this feeling like I should be upset. Which I am, a little, because my life is about to change dramatically. Moving, grad school, general upset of all normality.

But what hasn’t really sunk in yet is the knowledge that I will never again go to class in Olson, sit in those dreadfully uncomfortable iron chairs, or charge dodads I don’t need to my student account. How can college be over?! It is so clique, but it really does feel like only yesterday that I moved in to the dorms and lived with evil heat-loving roomates.

Overall I think I am just happy with what I have accomplished here at Davis. (Here’t the part where I brag) I’m graduating with honors and have been recognized by my department.

A part of me wished I could simply stay in class forever, but the other knows I need a change. If only change could occur without me having to move all my stuff….I have lots of books. Heavy books.

Wanto to help me move?