This is a bit belated, but I’ve been a busy little grad student lately. This post also seems destined to be a little choppy, as I’m not feeling any one long consistent thought. Such is life.

Alright America,  (Yes, I am channeling the late Bernie Mac for a moment) you and I have a love/hate relationship.

In what was basically the first big election for my generation, a democrat won. And though it may seem cliche, Obama actually makes me proud, in a teary cheering sort of way. All I can say is – Thank God we don’t have to suffer through another 4 years of backward logic. Maybe things will, dare I say it, improve!

And prop 4 did NOT pass, which is a giant sigh of relief. Laws like that don’t protect anyone, they only harm those certain women who might get hurt or put in danger because of it. It’s not the government’s job to act as a parental emmissary in those kinds of matters. If you can’t tell your parents yourself, well that’s your personal issue.

And…prop 8 DID pass. What saddens me, though I cling to the hope that enough people are seeing that this kind of discrimination should not be allowed in our country and state, and maybe it will be overturned. A huge percentage of propositions fail anyhow, because they are poorly written, so maybe prop 8 will…die.

On another note, I recently discovered that there was a gas leak in my stove for quite awhile. Which means that, for the past many days, I was breathing in toxic fumes. In my house. Super exciting. I wondered why every time I baked something I felt all light-headed. However, now that there is no more excess gas – a silly phrase in itself – I’m not sure if I feel any different.

The weather is freakishly warm this week. To borrow a phrase from Kramer, I can’t get in the zone. I’m ready for my friend the cold to come back. I miss my sweaters! But, since the rain ended all the fields in Sonoma county have turned green and beautiful, which is fantastic since they’ve been brown since June. Of course, I have to look at them through windows because as the grass grows, the allergens also grow. And the sneezes begin. Oh the sneezes.

Such is life.