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WordPress, this one’s for you.

Meet my new laptop! (Ok so you can’t actually meet it but you must be able to hear the happiness in my typing, right?)

Ok, after all the crap-throwing that went on between Mac and Windows, I think I can finally form an opinion based on these certain factors;

  • Mac books are quite lovely in design – they’re slim and portable and make the owner look super-sheik. However, you have to be willing to put your money where your mouth is, because the super-silver macbook will run you over $2000! Ouch…
  • The cutest PCs are designed…to look like Macs.
  • As far as performance goes, it’s very hard to find an independent computer review site that gives Mac the top nod, or even a nod at all. While Mac runs very well and has less of a virus risk, wow will you pay for it. Literally.
  • Windows Vista – ok, so I heard all this horrible stuff about you, but so far it seems all talk. It looks great, runs very well, and has some super cool programs and features.

So, the bottom line, it seems, is all about the bottom line. Because not only can you get a fantastic PC that looks as fancy as a Mac for waaaay less, you get much more performance for your bang, and your buck.

Plus, while I was really into the white Mac case, I now feel that silver is the wave of the future, and who am I kidding, I’m messy.

In a happy twist of fate, while I ended up being alone on this Valentines Day due to a long-distance schedule, my laptop was delivered. And since the case is red, I consider it a Valentine (plus it’s a socially conscious red, project red to be exact). My computer loves me. Yay.

I would also like to add that I’m posting this blog without having to go into a browser, using Windows Live Writer. And it posts it for me. Which is awesome.

Now I’m going to get up and figure out the best way to spend Valentines Day that doesn’t involve the other half of my couple. The best way that doesn’t make me feel too pathetic. But thanks to on demand cable, I can rent a chick flick without suffering through the Blockbuster line and having to wonder about the guys who are buying onion rings and renting horror movies. Scary.