This Friday we went to Doran Beach in Bodega Bay, it was a rare day; lovely and non-super-windy, with an amazing view and no fog! Do you demand evidence?


  Is the sky not lovely? 









And the reflective sand?




DSCN4222   And here’s me!







Ok, that’s enough. It is now raining, which it will continue to do for quite awhile, for the next week at least. I do love rain, but having just purchased a lovely spring dress yesterday I am now feeling the 70-degree itch. I blame stores. They seem to enjoy taunting us with short dresses and tank tops in January, when we can’t very well wear them. And bathing suits? Come on! Bikinis officially appeared in my area over a month ago. What?! That’s just cruel. Besides, my goal is to stay in the same shape so I don’t have to buy a new suit every year.

So today I did my yearly ritual of filling out the fafsa, except this year I was almost fooled by a ‘professional’ fafsa assistance site. It was the first link that popped up in my google search so I just went with it. And I was halfway through when I realized that not only did this site suck and was annoying, it wasn’t the .gov site. And did I mention they wanted to charge me $79.99 to have the forms ‘evaluated??’ What the hell, who is dumb enough to actually pay this? The FREE GOVT fafsa is super easy to figure out, and you can always go back and fix it. OR you can ask your school’s financial aid dept for help, which is also FREE. So please, students, do not be duped into this silliness. If you simply must spend money online, buy shoes. Or books. Or other fun things you can actually OWN IN REAL LIFE.

And did you know I am officially owned by the federal government? No, really. I think I owe them all but my first-born. But, the joke is on them because I don’t plan on paying my loans off till I’m good and ready, and have several degrees under my belt. And who knows how long that may take.