I think everyone should make it a practice to google themselves once in awhile, just to see what kinds of things turn up. Of course, this would be much more difficult if your name is John Smith. Fortunately, I seem to be the only person with my exact name in cyberspace.

This brings up the bigger issue of how much people can find out about us just by clicking a mouse. Which becomes even more important when these people are employers, or other judgmental folks.  And one should know if their blog about how much they hate corporate America or how wasted they were Saturday night pops up with a simple search.

But what really scares me is if people are checking credit reports, because, honestly, my credit is not so great. I’m putting myself through college and grad school, so what do they expect? Debt is just a detail. But how much weight are employers really putting into these things? In today’s not-so-lovely, ever slimming job market, can someone’s bad credit or student loans really cause them to lose  possible job? It’s a whole new resume-frontier that you can’t fake, and it frankly a bit unjust. A person is not their credit, and if a late payment on a credit card overrides a college degree with highest honors then there is something wrong with this world.

Sometimes I envy those folks who put all their profiles, etc to private and basically stop all speculating; they achieve some kind of internet mystery. Frankly, I don’t really put anything out there that I would never want anyone to see; doesn’t that go against the web’s grain? If you don’t want your friends to see that you’re bashing them on someone’s wall, maybe you shouldn’t do it. Of course, no one wants their boss to know everything – there’s a professional line there.

Now what was my point here? Ok, I’ll be honest, it’s fun to snoop around on other’s people’s profiles sometimes – you all know you do it. So when someone puts a wall up, it’s annoying – maybe even pretentious?

I suppose I’m going to have to join these people soon though; if I’m a college teacher I can’t let my students see my status update that declares how annoying their paper are. Because facebook is no place for honesty, right?