Oh, Sunday, what shall I do with you.

A better question might be ‘what am I supposed to be doing,’ but alas, this question is no fun.

I SHOULD be …. reading the composition theory article I have to write a response paper on and present to the class, working on my application to teach English 99 in the fall, reading Horace Walpole and his theories on gardening (yawn), doing the massive collection of dishes in the sink (oh dear), reading a biography of Ralph Ellison, and being productive in general. Sigh.

Instead, I am … on the couch, in my pajamas, drinking coffee, watching the Cosby show, and typing this.

I blame the wind, the crazy creepy making-noise-blowing-over-the-hills wind. Did you ever hear of the Irish Banshee? She’s this creepy old hag of a ghost who makes the same noise as creepy wind. Oh, and she takes the souls of young women. Anyway, this morning I was up at about 10am, when I learned that the power was out. And seeing that I live in the country, and my water comes from a well with an electric pump, when the power goes out there is no water. Also no tv, no internet, no coffee, no fun. Thus I made the executive decision to go back to sleep. Being without clocks, I woke up three hours later.

And now, it is almost 3pm, and it feels like morning.

Thankfully, since the time change and the coming of spring, there is now more daylight, and thus more time to procrastinate without feeling like a slump.