Oh blog, I have long neglected thy pages!

Do you ever have those moments when you really feel like writing, but there is so much going on in your life, and your head, that you can’t seem to even start? Thus is my life.thesis

But, thus will not be my life in a week or so, when I am done with my first year of grad school, and can retire to a summer of brainless loafing. Bear in mind, however, that my definition of ‘brainless’ involves reading and doing prep work for my thesis next year.

Add in the fact that my little, serene house is soon to be invaded by the men in my life, and will be rather crowded for the summer, at least. But, while my dad is up here taking up MY space, I may just have to flee south to his empty Irvine apt, to sit on the nice warm beach for awhile. We’ll see.

But good news! Picture me on Monday, quite exhausted from having writer’s block (or writer’s laziness, who am I kidding) till about 1am when I proceeded to write my recent article report for class, and stayed up till 4am doing so. (Why oh why do I get a second wind at about 12:45am? It freaks with my sleep schedule.)  Sitting on my bed, dripping coffee into my veins, and checking my email to find that SSU had finally made a decision about the teachers for next year. And I am happy to report that next Fall I will be joining the ranks of the ever-exhausted and underpaid grad student  who teach freshman comp, otherwise known as English 99!

Get me with my very own little group of resistant students and (shared) office hours. Am I excited? Does a bear…oh you know the rest.

Perhaps the best thing about this news is that I’m going to get the chance to see what I want to do with my life, to see if teaching is really going to be my future. Hopefully I will not be discovering this during the 8am class – I will be flitting between grogginess and caffeine highs, not so good.  Recently all my efforts to find a summer job have come to no success, and I was beginning to think that I was un-hirable. The crazy thing is that I could always find a simple job before, so maybe the economy is really that bad, or maybe the job market is being flooded. OR maybe no one wants to hire grad students? I rationalize that they just don’t want to be around someone smarter than them all the time (let me cling to my last shred…). But, thank God, apparently I’m not like the employee plague –someone wants me!

And really, I need the summer to decompress, because right now, my brain is being squeezed through the academic equivalent of a sieve.  So what’s left to do…finish my article on the history of medieval writing instruction (20 pages), write my last paper for the publishing and  politics class (6 pages), and write my paper for the English garden class (a very painful 15-20 pages). If in two weeks my next post is incoherent and full of stupid grammar mistakes, take pity on me. I gave at the grad school office.

But oh, the weather is calling me outside. The rain and fog has finally gone away, and the sun is predicting at 73 degree day. Now why do I have to go to class in a room with no windows?