Officially done with school for the summer. Officially.

Now what to dooo…

Oh, I know, nothing!!

– Ok, maybe not nothing, but it’s free nothing. Except that I finally managed to find a summer job, which is no small feat in Sonoma county right now, and have about a week before I have to start working. But not major working, I hope. Shall report more back later. But all papers have been turned in, and now I’m just waiting for my grades.


On a bright note, not that grades aren’t bright, I took my new kayak out on spring lake today for the first time! Though it was windy and allergies were abundant, it was frankly awesome. And not tippy. (If you listened to my mom you’d think it was a deadly weapon or something, which is….not right).

And now I’m a bit pink and my arms ache like……I’ve been kayaking all day.  🙂DSCN4509 On an unrelated note, watching the Kardashians try to camp makes me feel better about myself, as camper…and a person. Silliness.