Yes, I have been away. To where, you ask?


DSCN4626 Laguna Beach

DSCN4642 Newport Beach



DSCN4650 Hollywood

DSCN4826 Universal Studios

DSCN4739 San Diego + Zoo

RSCN4821 and….Mexico! (sort of)


And I must say, overall, I could take or leave L.A.. The air is cloudy, the humidity is high, and frankly if you aren’t there to shop there isn’t much to do. I think the glamour of old-Hollywood has definitely faded. Plus the sheer amount of people is rather overwhelming – halfway through our day at Universal I felt like yelling “I WANNA GO HOME” at the top of my lungs. I could not, however, leave because they charge so much ($70, seriously?!) to get in that you have to spend a whole day there. I think the best part overall is the studio tour and the little Britain and Europe towns you can walk through (while taking pictures that make you look like you’re cool enough to be in Paris).

Vacation can be exhausting.

But not all is lost, because the beaches in Orange County are still fantastic. Everything is very upscale, even the sand feels richer somehow. The water is the best of all – makes for wonderful swimming. (And not so wonderful sunburns that torture you with week-long itchyness.) And the SD Zoo is surely the best one I’ve ever been to (sorry SF).

All in all, I’m glad to be home. But somehow the hot weather followed me… but thankfully this is (virtually) in my backyard!

river2 ^Me in my kayak