Because every female on Facebook is updating their status with the color of their bra (yes, I let the cat out of the bag) for “cancer awareness” – I admit, I did it too, though I’m not sure if it actually has anything to do with breast cancer awareness or was just made up by some person with nothing to do – I thought I’d share my own stupid bra story. Just for kicks.

Today, I did a stupid thing, and as a veteran snagger-of-deals, I must lament.

This evening, I cruised over the local outlet mall to buy a couple things, including some new underclothing things. I walked in, wandered over to what I was looking for, selected a few, and proceeded to the dressing room where I tried said items on. (And while we’re here, why is it so annoying to try on underwear in public? And why, in the name of all that is good, do they put the tags right in the area where you would otherwise put a limb? How do they expect you to get the right fit if you’re being poked to death by sharp paper? By the time I’m done in the dressing room I look as if I’ve been assaulted by an army of tiny paper-wielding elves.)


I found what I wanted. The brand had a buy three for 15.99 thing going on, which I ignored because I didn’t have an intention of buying three. And I was already thinking that I was getting a good deal, as the same item would have cost me about $11 more if I had bought it at Macy’s rather than the outlet store. So  I get to the register, and the woman tells me about the deal, which I turned down, because I didn’t want any more colors. I leave.

Then, at the exact time I turn my car onto the road heading home, my brain turns on and I realize that I am an idiot because I didn’t do the math: basically, if I had paid about $2 more, I could have got an entire extra bra. Two dollars!! Not that I really needed another one, but hey, what’s the difference?

Then, when I got home, I actually did the numbers and had another moment of idiocy. Sigh.

[I could always go back and exchange…..but do I really need it? (No.) ]

See kids, this is why you need to take math class: for when you buy underwear on sale.

[Except don’t ask me what a squirrel has to do with anything…]