For all the fabulous finds out there, there are many items of strangeness. Take, for example, the following:

Shoe designers spend all day thinking about how to design shoes which for all occasions and aspects of life. Now, I can only image what the design-pitch for this was. Euophony

“Ok guys,  now imaging you are a young, modern woman just graduating from clown college, venturing out on her own. Now what are you going to wear during a night out on the town? Not those big, clunky (oversized) work shoes – no, this woman needs something better. Sexy but still with a hint of the big-top circus.”

I don’t know what would look decent with this, and maybe I don’t want to know. My worry is that someone might try to match this shoe to something patterned in the same colors. The design itself is not bad, but the color, oh the color.


Yes, Anne Klein, I’m looking at you.

And I know you can make cute, sexy shoes! I even support you, as I just bought these in black patent; they’ll be perfect for Valentine’s Day night-out. (The little pendant on the front has a lion. Rawr.)

[P.S. Having bought a pair of platform heels, I’m now relived from my previous-post’s fashion crisis. And I did happen to come across a pair of shoes that were knock-offs of the aforementioned Pradas, and they were not so good. Sigh]

The ironic thing is that the higher up in fashion (price and designer-wise) you get, the weirder things are – witness Lady Gaga, a (pant-less) clothes-horse who loves the oddity. But when you see strange things in regular ready-to-wear, I wonder how many people out there like it enough to, you know, wear it.



(I know what you must be thinking; Why the umbrella?)