May 2010

Good things recently.

[If you aren’t into the whole “glass half-full” thing, you might want to leave now.]image

 1. Being sick: You may be thinking “But illness is generally a bad thing….,” to which I say,  yes, it does suck. Especially when your ears are completely stuffed up and you have a Latin final during a time when you wish you could be at home watching re-runs and trying not to get sucked into the abyss of a head cold. But, what does not suck is when you start feeling better, and every day you wake up you feel progressively more like a human being again. Ah, to be able to appreciate the everyday normal workings of one’s sinuses. Plus, whenever I start getting down about my allergies (which are at their best right now, as I live in the capital of tall-growing sneezy grasses) I remember that they aren’t as bad as the recent evil cold.

image Ok, so I don’t have a window, but still…

2. New Job! So, as of this week, teaching English 99 will soon be over. Classes themselves are officially over. No more lectures about topic sentences and thesis statements, no more fervent 1a.m. grading sessions. I’m a bit sad not to be teaching at SSU anymore, but I was also getting a bit weary of it all. But, I will not be unemployed in the Fall – you’re looking at (well, reading at) SSU’s newly-appointed WEPT person. Which means an office upgrade; I get my very own little office (with a door and everything!) in a corner of SSU’s administrative building with which to do lovely WEPT-related tasks. I can only thank God (or the patron saint of employment, whatever) for giving me a reason to be away from home and to have a space of my own (well, for a time anyway) at school where I may escape into the small, bureaucratic world of filing, phone answering, and email replying. 

3. Finishing Latin: One whole year, down! Now to decide if I want to submit myself to the slightly-masochistic realm of language one again. I’m also considering French…whenever I look into Ph.D programs the language requirement makes me feel rather inadequate as an intellectual. I’ll work on it.


4. Europe Trip: Less than 2 weeks away! Am I freaking out a little? Yep. Am I still in disbelief that I’m going, and that I actually have the money to pay for it myself? Indeed. Very, very excited.

5. Gluten-Free Cinnamon-Sugar Donuts: Enough said.

Overall, general bounciness. I still have a pile of work to do before the semester ends, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. A super-shiny-travelly-light.



Chaucer Blogger Revealed!


Now, go buy the book. Ye shall enjoy.


Because, quite honestly, I can hardly put together a sentence from the combined lack of sleep, inability to breath like a human, and overdose of allergy pills. Plus, who doesn’t need a laugh this time of year?






I would just like to say, for all you people out there who know what I’m talking about: image


   I know who the Chaucer Blogger is. 




And the rest of the world shall not know until next week at Kalamazoo, so I shall not reveal it here, but can I have an OMG??!

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you must visit Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog. Because it is hilarious. And written in middle English. And discusses not only the weak user of metaphor that is John Gower, but the culture of pops as well. [And if you think that only 7 people in the world know about this, you are so wrong. There is not only a book, soon to be released, but 10+ pages of different shirts available from Zazzle. which proves that it’s legit, yes?]


I have a sudden urge to start my own blog where I pretend to be someone else. And if I spoke certain other languages better, there so would be.

How about “Catiline Diurnalis Interrete Habet” (Catiline has an internet diary/blog): various whining about how women stink, and I will not longer love them or write them poetry, but also how I’m the prize of the classical world. Indeed. Ita est.


Also, I must say that I am becoming very much interested in the field of medieval monster studies, it really could end up being my focus in the future, and what could be more fun? Plus, it has the benefit of really being on the cutting edge of development, and therefore very “current.” (Which in English, is half the battle.)

image Rawr.

P.S. If you are as big a dork as me, and know the value of a well-placed online academic journal, let it be known that Palgrave, the great publisher of journals, is giving everyone FREE access to it’s site and articles for the month of May. Perhaps you should take a gander? May I suggest Post Medieval? This issue’s theme is “When did we become post-human” and the journal is about, wait for it, medieval cultural studies. WIN.

image Palgrave Journals, Post Medieval