Today my graduation announcements arrived in the mail. Already!

So now there I am, printed on beige paper: I am graduating, and all the details. Two o’clock on June 13th, at the ARC Pavillion. Five tickets to my name. High or highest honors? I didn’t know – so I put high honors – modest, no? Just left to be folded (directions included) and placed inside the inner envelope, then inside the outer one with a seal on the close.

All that’s left is to go take photos next week in my cap in gown and then I’ll be set.



So here is my new project (stolen from Holly- but aren’t most things stolen from somewhere else?): To write a post everyday in 100 words. It may be ‘artistic’ or complete tripe- you decide.

Today, I was again driving my car while the gas task arrow hovered below the ’empty’ line. Why do I do this? It’s stressful and I worry that my car is going to die at any moment. And yet I refuse to fill up my tank, depressed because it costs way too much.

Did you notice that this too was 100 words?